Explore the Power Of Self Hypnosis

Self HypnosisThese days life is busy. For many people the pressure of raising a family, working long hours and taking care of all our other responsibilities leaves us stressed out, tired, unmotivated and un-empowered.  We are simply struggling to make it through each day.  How can we expect people to be resourceful, confident, empowered and balanced when there is hardly a moment to catch our breath or take a break.

My name is Alan and I’m a Master Hypnotist.  I’m here to help you discover a powerful way to relax, let go of stress and take control of your life again.  Within you are all the resources you need to make incredible self improvements and live your life the way you truly want to.  I want to teach you how to stop being reactive to the things that happen in your life and become a driving force that makes things happen the way you want them to.  You can take back control, because you’ve been given a natural capability that you’ve either never used to it’s full potential, or have gotten so caught up in the stuff that life’s been throwing at you that you’ve forgotten how to use it.  It’s the ability to use your imagination in empowering ways that create positive change.

Through Self Hypnosis you can enter a world of serenity, comfort and relaxation, where you will have access to all the resources of your sub-conscious mind.  Perhaps you’ve wondered about how Self Hypnosis can help you, but been reluctant to try it because of the mystique and mystery that has been associated to hypnosis over the years through television and hypnosis stage shows. Most of this false information has been created to sensationalize hypnosis for entertainment purposes and boost the ego of the performer.  The truth is that SELF Hypnosis is much like deep meditation, but with more directive communication to the sub-conscious mind.

hypnosis effects on the brainSelf Hypnosis is completely safe and allows you to turn your attention and focus inwards in a way that allows you to access the resources deep within your mind.  Anything you aren’t currently aware of is available to you under self hypnosis including past experiences and learnings, but you can also use powerful techniques to imagine yourself having made the changes and improvements you desire to make.  When we imagine something in great detail with emotion it can have a profound impact on our ability to change behaviours and patterns so that we begin to experience the changes we truly want in our lives.  Hypnosis allows us to imagine and visualize in great detail and associate positive benefits to the changes we want to make, while intensifying the negative or harmful effects of the behaviours we don’t want in our lives.  The result is a highly motivated state of mind and positive changes to our patterns and behaviours.

Get ready to explore the true power of Self Hypnosis, so you can make all the positive changes you desire to make in your life quickly and easily.  We have over 800 Hypnosis Downloads available for you in our Hypnosis Library so feel free to explore and find just the right session(s) for your needs.